Ground improvement operations are a typical component of many construction projects, in which existing ground conditions that cannot be otherwise removed must be modified to facilitate or support the subsequent construction of important structures.

Examples of geotechnical ground improvement operations include construction of grout curtains beneath tailings dams or other water control structures, as well as excavation of mine openings such as tunnels, shafts and raises within fractured and water-bearing ground conditions.

Peter White is retained by owners, engineers and contractors to provide site specific solutions for geotechnical projects, including the selection of suitable grouting materials, appropriate equipment and safe, efficient work methodologies.

  • test cell
    Soil Stabilization for Test Cell Excavation
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  • Pipeline Abandonment using cement grout
    Sewer Pipe Decommissioning using Cement-Bentonite Grout
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  • large grout curtain contruction for Antamina tailings dam
    Large Grout Curtain Construction Project
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  • Bitumen/cement based injection to stop water inflows in a drainage tunnel below an open pit
    Water Cutoff Grouting for Deep Drainage Tunnel
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  • workers at dam jobsite for consolidation grouting
    Consolidation Grouting for Tailings Dam Construction
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  • ground improvement under a 90-years building in SoHo, NY
    Ground Improvement beneath Old Building Foundations
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  • Consolidation grouting for Shaft Collar Construction
    Compaction Grouting for Shaft Collar Construction
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