Peter White has extensive experience with design and implementation of grouting equipment and procedures that provide safe working conditions for personnel and the environment.

Working Safe requires attention to details that, if neglected, can lead to accidents, injury and harm to the environment. Many of our clients provide extensive value statements that establish high standards of performance for all aspects of work undertaken on their properties. Prior to commencing site work, it is common to undertake a detailed process hazards review (PHR) that identifies applicable hazards and associated actions to mitigate risks.

Other projects require that a step-by-step job safety analysis (JSA) be prepared to establish expected sequence of work activities, identify hazards and establish safe working requirements. 

Some clients require that extensive safety, health and environmental (SHE) documentation be prepared for all work procedures, including chemical and cement grouting operations.

US-based mining clients require that MSHA Form 5000-23 be completed as a record of training for all workers involved with grouting operations.

In addition to preparation and dissemination of relevant equipment and material documentation, Working Safe requires that appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) be available and be used by workers as required by site conditions and requirements. Grouting equipment and accessories must be suitable for the work to be undertaken, with adequate safety guards covering all moving parts and appropriate pressure ratings for all hoses and fittings. 

Peter White has been engaged in all aspects of safe work procedures for cement and chemical grouting operations, including preparation of work methodologies, detailed task analysis, risk identification and mitigating actions.