Peter White has worked on numerous soil stabilization projects that involved ground improvement to support deep excavations and in conjunction with heavy civil construction projects.

Soil stabilization operations are typically undertaken to improve ground conditions to facilitate subsequent excavation or other construction work that cannot be otherwise accomplished.

These activities are usually associated with specific site conditions where alternative methods of construction using typical shoring systems (i.e. sheet piles) are not applicable, often due to site access constraints or small scale of excavation involved.

Use of regular cement may be appropriate when grouting coarse sands and gravels but use of microfine cement or chemical grouts may be required when stabilizing finer soils.

Some deep shaft excavations encounter very fine soil conditions that cannot be effectively dewatered using well points, in which case chemical grouts are injected to impregnate accessible pore spaces and compact adjacent soil to restrict the free movement of water that contributes to unstable soil conditions (i.e. quicksand).

Peter White has many years of successful hands-on grouting experience working under difficult and challenging soil stabilization site conditions.

Soil stabilization projects