Peter White has more than 25 years of grouting experience on numerous water cutoff grouting applications, including mine shafts, tunnels and deep excavations.

Water cutoff grouting applications range from small, nuisance water inflows (i.e. utility manhole or pipe penetration) to large, high-volume, high-pressure water inflows associated with deep underground mining operations.

Small water inflows typically associated with underground utilities and deep excavations can usually be stopped using fast-curing, water-activated chemical grouts that are applied using suitable equipment and techniques that are appropriate for the site conditions.

Large water inflows typically associated with deep underground mine operations often require site preparations, such as diversion holes or concrete bulkheads, in conjunction with deployment of larger capacity grouting equipment and use of fast-curing or flash-setting grouting materials.

Depending upon site conditions, site access constraints and local availability of grouting equipment and materials, appropriate plans can be developed to control, reduce and eliminate water inflows. Some water cutoff projects may be completed within a few days, whereas other projects may require weeks or months of work to overcome challenging site conditions.

Water cutoff operations may require use of flash-setting grouting materials, such as two-component grouting using cement grout in conjunction with a thixotropic additive or cement grouting with a flash-setting chemical additive.

Peter White has designed water cutoff grouting operations for many high-volume, high-pressure water inflows and has provided hands-on supervision and direction of local grouting crews to successfully accomplish these projects.

Water Cutoff projects