Peter White has many years of experience with rock grouting operations involving various types of rock formations, typically involving significant water-bearing geological structures such as faults, breccia and fractured ground conditions.

Many rock grouting operations are relatively close to surface where open joints and fractures are a common occurrence.

Some rock grouting operations may be relatively deep and typically associated with major and minor fault structures or at the contact interface between different rock types.

Ground conditions within rock formations vary significantly in different regions of the world and range from massive and competent to weak, highly fractured formations.

Some underground mine grouting operations are undertaken within soluble rock formations (i.e. salt, potash, gypsum), in permeable rock formations (i.e. sandstones) or in weak ground conditions (i.e. mudstones or siltstones).

Grouting operations are required for a wide range of geological/geotechnical site conditions to accommodate project requirements. For example, cement grout curtains are typically constructed to seal open joints in otherwise solid and competent rock formations. On the other hand, cement grouting may be required for ground improvement and consolidation of weak and highly fractured or jointed rock formations.

Geological/geotechnical analysis of ground conditions provides various indicators such as core recovery percentage, RQD, fracture frequency, as well as rock mass classification that provides useful information for design of grouting operations.

Peter White has worked on rock grouting operations involving many different ground conditions and is experienced in selecting appropriate cement and chemical grouting materials for these applications.

Rock grouting projects

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