Peter White has been involved with many unique and unusual grouting applications where site conditions involved careful applications of grouting materials, with control of grouting pressures, flow rates and associated grouting material properties.

These grouting applications usually involve critical, high-risk structures, installations or systems where any mode of failure is not acceptable. Examples include:

  • cement grouting at a deep shaft within a water supply system during a limited shutdown period following which the system must be restored to normal water supply operation
  • water cutoff at depth of 150 m within a 600 m deep borehole without compromising subsequent use of the borehole
  • water cutoff associated with sand fill boreholes without accidental plugging

At some project sites, the immediate problem is apparent (i.e. water inflow) but the underlying factors are not known. In these situations, it is necessary to explore or investigate site conditions prior to developing an appropriate grouting plan of action.

Peter White has years of experience troubleshooting and resolving many difficult and challenging grouting projects.

Complex grouting projects