Ground Improvement Beneath Old Building Foundations

Case description

A property developer acquired two adjacent buildings in the SoHo area of New York and was in the process of constructing new roof-top penthouse and adjacent structures.

To support the additional structural building loads, building design engineers required that soil conditions beneath the existing 90-year-old building foundations be improved by soil grouting operations.

The geotechnical contractor engaged by the property developer retained Peter White to design the cement grouting operation, provide rental cement grouting equipment and accessories and to supervise the startup of grouting operations by the contractor’s personnel.


As anticipated, drilling quickly revealed that foundation conditions were not as shown on the original construction drawings, so the contractor’s drilling and grouting methodology was quickly adapted by Peter according to the existing site conditions.

Cement grouting was successfully undertaken using microfine cement to achieve satisfactory penetration and consolidation of the existing foundation soils without causing uplift or damage to the existing building structures.

The cement grouting equipment selected for this project was small and portable for moving through various sub-basement rooms where grouting operations were undertaken but with appropriate discharge volume and pressure for the encountered site conditions.

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