Water Cutoff in Raise Bore Manway

Case description

A mining contractor was working down from the surface using an Alimak raise climber to install ground support prior to equipping an emergency escape manway inside a 2.4 m diameter raise bore hole to a depth of 400 m. Cumulative water inflow of
50 USGPM from fractured ground conditions at various locations created wet and slippery conditions for contractor personnel working inside the raise during winter conditions.


Based on previous success with a similar manway installation project, the mining contractor contacted Peter White for engineering support, chemical grouting equipment, accessories and materials, as well as training of contractor crews, for controlling water inflows and to enable manway installation to proceed.

A turn-key portable shipping container package was provided with auxiliary heating, chemical grouting equipment, materials and accessories that enabled contractor crews to systematically undertake water control operations as required over the depth of the raise.

Grouting equipment and materials were positioned inside the shipping container on surface and chemical grout was transferred down the raise “on demand” using long high-pressure hoses with appropriate high-pressure control valves installed at the active work location. Peter designed the high-pressure chemical grout equipment, hoses and associated hardware to enable the mining crews to delivery chemical grout over a distance of several hundred meters.

Contractor crews successfully completed water control work in conjunction with the installation of ground support (bolts and screen) in preparation for manway steel construction.

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